My First Restaurant Experience In London



After Orientation at school, I was starving and just trying to get a lay of the area around campus. So, I went exploring down Tottenham Court Road to find a cute little place to eat. I passed many chain restaurants, which I was trying to avoid, and as I was about to settle on a burger joint, I spotted Ask Italian. I was immediately drawn, of course, to the word Italian, and then as well to the sweet colors and the crowd of people inside. Usually, most Italian restaurants have the same theme, either mom and pop shop, or just modern and not all that exciting. But, Ask Italian had this trendy, young vibe about it.


I sat down at the table and took a peek at the menu. There were tons of options to choose from but I was stricken by the option to do a small salad and pasta!! I thought that was so clever!! Instead of soup and salad it’s pasta and salad, the perfect lunchtime combo!! The service at the restaurant was great and the pasta was delicious!! I would definitely go back again for the atmosphere. I wouldn’t say it was the best Italian food I’ve ever had, but the experience overall was top notch!! Plus, the pizzas looked delicious. Next time I would give the pizza a try and maybe a different pasta. Also, the side salads were not as appealing as the main salads (not included in the pasta-salad combo).


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