Afternoon Tea At The Berkeley

I can’t wait for my parents to come visit me here in London so I can show them all of the places I’ve found, and the life that I have built here. As part of planning for their arrival, my dad sent me to a couple of places to scope out for them. One of those places was the Berkeley Hotel for their afternoon tea. They have this tea room that is centered around fashion, in which they have the most adorable pastries in the shapes of bags and shoes etc. Chandler and I happened to go during the tea room’s 10th anniversary, so they had a special dessert menu featuring brands like Jimmy Choo, Moschino and more! It was the perfect tea for fashionistas and for those who appreciate a good finger sandwich.


Before tea, we checked out the Kensington Palace and gardens, and after being surrounded by the splendor and the air of royalty it seemed only fitting that we head to afternoon tea. We felt like royalty due to the staff’s attentiveness, the beauty of the hotel itself, and the atmosphere within the tea room. They had it decorated with beautiful mirrors, muted purples and grays, with hints of silver in the furniture; truly beautiful. I would go back just for the champagne and the service alone!!

Since it was their 10th anniversary, they had a prefixed menu instead of being able to choose what kind of tea sandwiches and desserts you want. I’m very partial to traditional afternoon tea with finger sandwiches to start, scones with butter and jam in the middle, and desserts to finish. However, at this particular tea they divided the tea service into two sections: savory and sweet. So, with champagne, they served savory snacks, which included a range of sandwiches, ahi tuna, and a beetroot gazpacho. The sandwiches were out of this world, in particular the salmon sandwich, burger, and spinach feta bite.


After we finished our champagne and sandwiches, then we were served our tea with dessert. I wasn’t particularly fond of the desserts, with the exception of the Moschino handbag, which to me, tasted similar to a petit four. Perhaps my bias towards a traditional afternoon tea clouded my judgment about the desserts, but nonetheless I would definitely take my parents there for the atmosphere, staff and the sandwiches. I plan to try a few more afternoon teas before I make my final decision. I am particularly interested in checking out the afternoon tea bus tour by B Bakery! Comment below if you have ever tried it and let me know what you all thought!!

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