A Weekend In Prague

This past weekend I went to Prague with Chandler, my best friend Daria, and some friends that also go to Sciences Po. This was the first trip that I was slightly nervous about, just because I didn’t know that much about the Czech Republic before going. Nonetheless, I had a blast!! We just wandered around and let the day unfold as it was happening. We stopped in random museums and got lost a lot and laughed even more.

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My highlights of the weekend were the beer museum, getting lost on the way to Prague Castle, and U Fleků. The beer museum was great because it was an exceptional value. Not only did you get to check out how beer is made and the local beer culture, but you also got a beer tasting at the end of the tour all for around 6 euros!!! And these tastings weren’t sips, they were like full glass sizes, needless to say it took us a while to finish and by the time we did we were all drunk and a whole lot closer!!!

The next day we went to Prague Castle and we took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up walking up this huge hill that led to what we thought was the US embassy. This steep hill lead to a forest path down to the back of the embassy and it was covered in snow and ice which made for a super fun adventure. We were all slipping and sliding trying to find this castle, I was laughing so hard I was crying. That same evening we went to this restaurant/ bar called U Fleků, which is known for being the oldest bar in Prague. They served amazing traditional Czech food, and it kind of reminded me of Cabo because they would come around with shots of wine and pints of beer, and they really really wanted you to take them!! Every time you’d say no to the shots they bring them a little closer to your face until one person in your party cracked and said yes, and then you were all stuck having one. It was definitely fun!! If you ever travel to Prague I highly recommend it!

Prague was the first trip where I finally felt like my images of my time studying abroad were coming true. I was with amazing people, in an amazing city, eating amazing food and having an amazing time. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.





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