Wanna-be Parisian in Paris

So many love stories start in Paris. Paris is this romantic city that is supposed to sweep you off your feet and show you really what love is. I was so excited at the idea of going to Paris for the first time to visit my best friend who is studying abroad in at Sciences Po. I had even purchased a book titled, How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are, in order to further understand the mysteries that go into making Paris Paris. Reading about the complexities of the female Parisian mind only further inflated my vision of my experience in Paris. I built up what my weekend was supposed to look like, and how I would feel about Paris, and what it would make me feel.

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When I was in Paris I didn’t get any of the feelings that I thought I would, in fact, the only feeling I really got was how much I missed London. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great weekend!! I met amazing people, got to spend time with my best friend, ate delicious food and more, but I just never felt like my expectations were met…

And that was my problem. I made up this living, breathing idea of what my experience looked like, so much so that there was no room for the actual trip to leave it’s impression in my mind. My ridiculous expectations got in the way of me being present in the moment because I was so in my head, that I wasn’t able to comprehend what I was experiencing around me. I’m looking forward to going back to Paris with Chandler for Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be super romantic and this time I’m definitely going to stop trying to be so anal, and just go with the flow. This time I’m going to let Paris work it’s magic on me without trying to get in the way. How very un-Parisian of me to try and control something out of my control!!


Apparently I didn’t understand the meaning of how to be Parisian. I was just trying to mimic everything that they did, instead of understanding the core of their persona, effortless grace in not caring what others think. This is a good learning experience for the next travels I have during my time in Europe. I have to relinquish control and let this incredible opportunity flow over me and absorb as much as I can without bias. I plan to consult the book again, this time with a clear head.


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