Honey, I’m Home!


For Valentine’s Day, Chandler and I decided to spend the weekend in the most romantic city of all time, Paris. It was so magical!! In my last Paris post, I talked about how I didn’t get swept up in the city and it wasn’t everything that I had dreamed of, but this time was completely different. Being with my other half and just strolling around Le Marais, long dinners and late nights, there was something about Paris that made this Valentine’s Day ideal. I definitely felt the love. Honestly, just being with Chandler in general makes me so happy and we could’ve been anywhere in the world and I would have had the best time, but I won’t lie, Paris was definitely perfection.

Versailles was also UNREAL! It was so overwhelmingly beautiful, just the sheer size of the grounds was beyond anything I had ever seen before. Just being inside the palace made you feel like royalty. In the hall of mirrors I could hear the music of the balls and the amazing people that walked in the same spaces that I had.

Unsuccessfully catching snowflakes
So Extra!!!


I always carry my camera with me!! I normally shoot with a Pentax K-1000 but for Valentine’s Day Chandler got me this neat little Sprocket Rocket that shoots with a wide lens, so it captures almost a whole 180 degree photo, because it takes three shots at once. When the film gets developed you can opt to keep in the sprocket holes which is super cool too!! We’ll see how these develop!! Comment below if you want me to share some of my film photos!


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