How To Pack For Fashion Week

I couldn’t be more excited to be heading to Milan today for fashion week!! I have always dreamed about going to a fashion show and being up close and personal with the whirl wind that is fashion. I was so flustered by the packing situation though, because what on earth do you wear when your dreams finally come true?

I was scrolling for years on Pinterest trying to get an understanding of what kind of vibe I wanted, how to dress for a winter fashion week, what my favorites have worn in the past… and I just got overwhelmed. I had lost sight of why I really wanted to go in the first place! My love for fashion stems from the creativity that each individual puts into it. Everyone has their own distinct style and that’s what makes fashion week so great.

Although this post is called “How To Pack For Fashion Week,” I’m not going to tell you what to bring or what not to pack, instead I am going to give you the same advice that was given to me. Look inside yourself, think about what you love to wear on a day to day basis and just crank it up a couple notches! There’s nothing cooler than someone who is confident in their own skin! Once I did this, the outfit ideas started flowing out of me. I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for this weekend!! So, don’t go to fashion week trying to look like someone else, instead, go looking like you because that is already the most unique.

I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth. I have always thought that to be successful you needed to copy someone else’s successes, but the older I get and the more stories I read, I’ve discovered that they became successful because they started focusing on themselves! The reason the best fashion bloggers are the best is because they are not like anyone else in the world!! They have capitalized on their own individuality, and that is something I am trying to get better at. And with that, comes the comfortability of taking risks. Before, I would always try to blend in because I wasn’t totally comfortable with myself. But, the more I begin to accept my faults and love my strengths, the more I can step out from the background. This weekend, I am coming out from behind the curtain and embracing myself. Surrounded by celebrities, I am going in equally as confident.

So, how do you pack for fashion week?? The answer is simple, all you need is yourself.

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