How To Fashion Week

Learn from experience right?

Before I went to Milan, I was searching for a how-to guide for fashion weeks, so I could be prepared and know what to expect. However, no such luck in my searches. None of the big bloggers that do these fashion weeks all the time talked about how to make the most out of it! Some had “how to pack,” or “what to wear,” but not how to fashion week. So, I wanted to share my experience so if you ever get the chance to go, you won’t make the same mistakes that I did.

Day 1 was kind of the guinea pig of the week because we only had one show to go to that night. We were supposed to meet someone to pick up our tickets before a 5pm show, but because of traffic and other fashion week wildness we weren’t able to get the tickets until roughly 5pm. We figured, no problem, all shows start late right? Wrong. Traffic was jammed and it took us much longer than anticipated to get to the destination. By the time we got to the show, it had already started and we only got there in time for the finale.

Lesson 1 learned: leave at least 30 min early for every show. If the show takes 30 min to get to, leave 40 minutes early.  Also, most fashion shows do start late, especially the bigger names, but you never know, it’s always better to be early than miss the show.

Day 2 was the craziest day of the whole weekend. We made it to 5 shows, which is pretty wild since all the shows were in different locations in Milan. You are literally running from show to show, no exaggeration. We sprinted to Angel Chen the night before in order to make it somewhat on time. On Friday morning, we went straight from Diesel Black Gold at 9:30 to Lucio Vanotti at 11:30. We luckily got there 30 minutes early, so we decided to grab a snack and a coffee since we didn’t have breakfast that morning.

Lesson 2 of fashion week: eat when you can.

Lucio Vanotti was such a dream for me. We were lucky enough to sit in the front row. For my first fashion week ever, I was floored. I did not expect to sit front row at all. I was acting like a little girl I was so giddy, and afterwards as we were walking out a photographer asked me to stop so she could take a picture of me. That sent me to cloud nine. However, in my state of sheer excitement, it didn’t occur to me to ask her for her information so I could get that image. Naturally, I had no idea that  you had to get their information, no one told me that was a thing.

So lesson 3: if you get photographed, get the photographers information!!!!!! Now it seems silly of me to not have asked, since how on earth are you supposed to find that photographer.. but for my first fashion week, could’ve been worse. But, for all I know I could be in one of those “what not to wear” articles. Keep an eye out LOL

Immediately after Lucio Vanotti we ran to Sportmax as 12:30pm. Rushing from place to place taught me a couple things. First thing, respect for the models because it’s so exhausting and nerve wracking trying to make it on time, and trying to find time to eat? Almost impossible.

Lesson 4 is call your Uber or taxi during the finale of a show if you have to make a show immediately after the one you’re already in. It’s literally impossible to hail a cab outside of the show and all the Ubers are already taken once the show is over. We almost missed Sportmax because Lucio Vanotti started really late, and the next venue was super far from us. But, since we called the Uber during the finale we were able to hop right in and rush to the show just in time.

After Sportmax, which was amazing by the way, we had some time to chill since our next show wasn’t until 7pm that night. I definitely did an outfit change in the mean time, just because right after our last two shows of the night we were heading straight to dinner. However, don’t assume that you need to dress “fancier” for the night shows. (A general tip for fashion week, dress however you want to. The best outfits were always worn by someone who thought they killed it. If you own your outfit, people will love it, and more importantly, so will you.)

Lesson 5: Always be prepared. Fashion week is so crazy and fun, you never know what will happen or who you might run into. Naturally, I accidentally spilt toothpaste all over the dress I was going to wear that night, so I had to re-work my outfit that I wore for Angel Chen, to fit the evening. Luckily, I stopped by the GCDS Hotel on Corso Como that day and picked up my new favorite crop top from there. So, I paired that with my orange pants and my patent leather booties to edge it up a little. We didn’t end up getting into the party that we wanted to, but we looked cool enough that the restaurant gave us free Prosecco, which I took as a win.

My final tip for having the best fashion week is enjoy yourself and don’t take it too seriously. Even though we sat in the front row did not mean that we were anything more than first-timers. There were plenty of people there, who it was not their first rodeo. It can be challenging not to get sucked into the glamour and the flashing of the camera but, opinions can change in a split second and it’s important to remember where you came from and who you are underneath the clothes. What you wear should be a reflection of who you are, but they should not define you. It’s way harder to be comfortable in the clothes you put on than to just let them be a shell of the person you wish you were, or who you want people to think you are.

How To Fashion Week tl;dr: 

1.Leave at least 30 min early for every show.

2. Eat when you can.

3.Get the photographer’s information if you get photographed.

4. Call your Uber during the finales.

5. Always be prepared.

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