Soho Speculations


I was running around soho yesterday doing some homework, while also playing with my new film, and I was thinking about how strange it was that bloggers put their entire lives online and yet we don’t really know anything about them. We see what happens on the surface, their day-to-day routines, but never what they are actually thinking or feeling, especially when it comes to the tough stuff. I really want you guys to get to know me, and understand that there is more than just clothes. I want to share my experiences through life with you, so if you ever find yourselves asking the same questions as me, that I may be able to provide you with answers.


When you accidentally knock over the trashcan after leaning on it.. not so glamorous


Shop The Look:

Topshop Biker Jacket

Zara Pants

Gucci Slippers

Vintage Hat

Belt: Chain from an old handbag

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