We All Re-wear Outfits

If you say you never wear the same outfit twice, or even re-wear pieces, you’re lying. I think one mistake that people starting blogs make is thinking that they can never re-wear pieces, and that they have to buy new clothes every week in order to make good content. I made this mistake with the first blog I ever made. I was constantly shopping because I thought that bloggers couldn’t wear the same thing twice, like some high schooler that won’t go out in the same t-shirt. That was obviously not a sustainable option…

Personally, I have a favorite pair of jeans, jacket, t-shirt, shoes etc. I think it’s way cooler when you can find a hundred ways to wear the same piece in a way that makes it feel different every time, versus something new every day. Having pieces in your closet that you love evoke a sense of nostalgia every time you wear it. Each article of clothing reminds you of a memory, time in your life, even a person, and that’s the beauty in clothes. They’re much more than what we put on our backs, they are an extension of ourselves, whether it’s who we what to be or who we actually are, they represent us in material form. And that’s why I will wear my favorite clothes until despise them, regardless of how anyone else feels.

IMG_0379Processed with VSCO with c1 presetfullsizeoutput_235e


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