Finding Yourself Online


How the hell, in this day and age, are we supposed to “find” ourselves when social media has become so engrained in our every day life, that it’s impossible to separate who we want to be like and who we are actually meant to become??

I’ve had a really hard time with this lately… Every time I find someone new on Instagram that inspires me or that I think is really cool, it’s hard for me to separate whether I like certain things because those people do, or if I actually do…

So, how do we begin to separate the bullshit from the real??

I’ve been working on creating my brand recently and it’s been a grueling process in all honesty. I mean, it’s pretty hard to brand yourself if you’re still learning who you are.

I was feeling really overwhelmed. I was trying to boil myself down into colors and fonts but, I like something different every day!! I go through this ping pong creative process where I’m in love with an idea one day, and the next I have to scrap it, and I was freaking out because I thought if I didn’t have a brand I would be a failure.

I just had to take a step back from my vision for the future, and when I did, I realized that I was overthinking everything. I needed to get out of my kitchen and be present.

I almost forgot why I started this blog!!

I’ve felt for so long that I let the greener grass on Instagram and Snapchat run my life in all sorts of directions, and it’s lead me astray from who I really am.

This blog is my way of following my instinct and learning what is authentic and true to myself. By sharing my experiences with all of you, I have started to see the difference between me liking something because my idol does, and when I think something is dope.

I needed to stop letting Instagram be my compass, unsubscribe from other people’s opinions, quiet the noise, and listen to myself for once.


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