Painted Red


I had been on the market for some new black booties but I found these babies at Topshop the other day for literally 25 pounds and it was a bargain I could not pass up. No, they are not black but they’re close enough… Either way, these are my new favorite boots. They’re neutral so they go with everything, they’re a little bit more interesting than your average black boot, and they’ll be perfect for summer since they’re white!!

If I could afford them, these are the boots I would’ve bought in black.


Get ready, because this red tee is about to be a regular guest on the blog. It’s so freaking cute and comfortable (Thank you Brandy Melville). My style is usually pretty low-key, but this bright red is sure to spice up anything I put with it.


Shop The Look:

Since I bought my boots on sale, you might have to go in-store to get it, but these are pretty similar.

ASOS double buckle belt

BDG Jeans

Topshop Biker Jacket

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