Yum Cha

Sensing a pattern here? All my favorite restaurants in China center around cha, which in Mandarin, means tea.

If you ever find yourself in Hong Kong, set up a lunch at Yum Cha. They just opened one in Central, which is the perfect location if you want to do some shopping around Hong Kong. Yum Cha is the cantonese word for dim sum, so it’s not too hard to guess what they sell at this restaurant.

However, Yum Cha is not to be confused with any average dim sum in this city. This place makes you smile, and not because the food tastes good, but because it looks good. All of their food is constructed with care that shows you that they were thinking about what they were serving you, and not just rushing to get it to your table.

Most of the dishes I ordered were almost too cute to eat.. almost. My favorites were the bbq piggy buns, the egg custard buns, the shrimp and veg dumplings, and the beetroot fried rice. Yes, while these are always what I order at dim sum I felt like I was trying something new. It was as if they made me try dim sum for the first time all over again, which was something that I’ve never had before, and will keep me coming back.


We also ordered the naked veg dumplings, and don’t get me wrong, I love black truffle, but in this particular dumpling it was a bit strong for my taste. I would definitely try something different next time. And luckily, there are like a thousand and four options so, I’ll never run out of new things to taste. But, I can say with certainty that every time I do go, I will order the pork buns. So damn good….


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