Cha Bei: The Cutest Little Cup of Tea

One of the many perks of being in China is that the food is on another level good. Macau in particular, is home to 80 Michelin Starred restaurants, which is pretty wild considering how small of a town it is. In the Galaxy Macau, there is this little lunch spot that has stolen my heart. I’m actually typing this up from the restaurant!! It’s my new home!


The atmosphere is something right out of a little girl’s dream. Pastel purples, pinks, and greens are accented with eclectic tea cups that somehow seem to match perfectly. Although this restaurant is very girly, there’s a lady-like sophistication about it with the use of marbles and gold accents.


Cha Bei would fit perfectly in LA, with their fresh juices served in lightbulb glasses and healthy menu options. It’s the trendy girl’s dream, complete with plenty of Instagram opportunities.


One thing that makes a restaurant note worthy for me, is when you can tell that the owner has taken into careful consideration every single detail. Here at Cha Bei even enjoying a simple Kombucha is not for a simpleton, as they serve it in an old style champagne glass. Everything here is designed to make you feel like royalty.


But it’s not just the atmosphere that you’ll want to write home to mom about, the food is also delicious! I have yet to try some of their “comfort” items, but I can attest to the tastiness of their healthy options. My personal favorite is the Aloha Poke Bowl. The fresh  cucumber, ginger, and seaweed provide the perfect balance with the sweet mango and savory tuna. Just the most delicious meal that you won’t feel guilty about having!!


I will always come to Cha Bei for a taste of the West Coast when I’m visiting mom and dad here in Macau. But for all the Macau or Hong Kong locals, whether it be drinks with the girls or a family bite, come because I guarantee you’ll have a great experience.

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