Do What You Can’t

Hi guys!! I  wanted to take this post and explain why I’ve been off with the posting this week. This is my first week being back in London. It’s been kind of an adjustment for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, because of the jet lag, but I’ve also, as you know, been trying to make an adjustment in my eating habits. So trying to get my workout schedule in order has been a bit rough. But thirdly, I’m here without Chandler. It’s really strange coming back alone to a home that you’ve built with your best friend. He and I got into such a great routine with the blog. He would help me so much with the photography, but more importantly he would inspire me to continue doing what I love. He was my partner in this venture and now I have to learn how to do this by myself. Learning to take my own pictures has been a challenge, but I’ve noticed something else has also been holding me back…


Sometimes when I’m out on the street with my little tripod and my Iphone taking pictures for the blog, I feel embarrassed. People walk by and they snicker or sneer at me because I’m sure I look super silly. At first I was embarrassed by this, so I would find an empty street to take pictures so no one could watch me. But I was sitting in Joe and the Juice the other day wondering what do I have to feel embarrassed about? I love blogging and I love taking pictures. Why should I feel silly for doing what I love?


The more I started to think about it the more I realized that my embarrassment was stemming from my own insecurity. Becoming a blogger means that I put my heart and soul online. I’m bearing my whole world to the whole world and that means sometimes I will be ridiculed. But, the whole purpose of me starting this blog was to be a ways for me to gain security in my own self. The only way that I will get stronger is to recognize that I am happy being a blogger. To me, that’s my dream job. Why should I feel embarrassed to tell people that’s what I do? Why should I care if that’s not good enough for some people?

I saw this video and it really inspired me to be secure in being a blogger. I’ve been told my whole life who to be, and what the best path in life to take is. Part of my embarrassment definitely stems from those voices in my head saying I’m not taking the right path. And maybe I’m not! But this is my decision and I’m loving it so far. I’m doing what everyone says I can’t. So, watch this video and do what you can’t!!


One thought

  1. Good morning Sunshine!

    I just love reading your blogs but this one made me a little bit sad because i don’t want you to feel that way at all. Here’s what i do when Rob is away. I actually take that time while he’s away and really work on and make my goals happen. While he’s around, i put things on the back burner but when he’s gone, i get shit done. Another thing i do is really work on making myself a better person so that he comes home to a happier home. When he’s gone, i really clean up my diet a ton. I don’t pick on cheese and crackers or sweet tooth things like he does. I dont drink wine or cocktails alone. I set my workout goals and make them happen.

    All of the things on my house to-do list get done.

    Another thing is that i can give a hoot about what people think. They stare because they want to be doing the same. Don’t let your insecurity make you believe otherwise. AND DON’T BE INSECURE BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BE INSECURE ABOUT MADDIE! You are a beautiful and brilliant young lady. Live your dream and conquer the world. One day at a time.

    Do your workouts, eat well, take your photos however you like, smile at everyone who stares. Turn off all the negative in your head and whatever negative you see on social media. It’s a distraction of allowing you who you want to become. Surround yourself with all positive people and energy. Set your goals in a time frame. They will all happen. You just need to be disciplined.

    I love you and please come to me for anything 🙂

    Big hug and a big kiss!

    Irene >


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