The Rose and The Beret


Hello lovelies!! Hope everyone is enjoying their week! If not, well, it’s Wednesday… the weekend is almost here! I can’t believe how fast my last month in London is going by! I’ve been running around like a crazy person trying to do all my favorite things while also squeezing in the things still on my London bucket list.

I am very happy that the weather is starting to act like it should in May. One of my favorite things about this nice weather is that now I can read outside! This seems like such a silly thing to get excited about, but I love to bury myself in books.

For me, books are my escape. When I’m reading, I’m no longer in my world, with my problems and my thoughts. Instead, I’m looking in on someone else’s trials.

So when the world seems gray, I put on my red beret, go outside with a cup of tea and read about someone else’s world. And after I come back, my thoughts don’t feel as heavy anymore.  It makes me appreciate the world that I do live in. Books keep me grounded, as ironic as that sounds.

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My favorite author is Haruki Murakami. His writing style keeps me so engaged. His stories put these ordinary characters in unordinary situations that blur the lines between reality and fantasy. Reading about normal people doing amazing things always intrigues me because it makes me feel like I could do something extraordinary too. I’ve read almost all of his novels and each one I love more than the one before.

I’m reading his first and second novel right now (they come in the same book) and it’s really amazing to see his development as an author. But, I can honestly say that my favorite part so far has been the introduction. I literally smiled the entire 16 pages. I’ve always wondered about him as a person, and hearing him talk about how he started writing gave me chills.

“I can still remember, with complete clarity, the way I felt when whatever it was came fluttering down into my hands that day thirty years ago on the grass behind the outfield fence at Jingu Stadium; and I recall just as clearly the warmth of the wounded pigeon I picked up in those same hands that spring afternoon a year later, near Sendagaya Elementary School. I always call up those sensations when I think about what it means to write a novel. Such tactile memories teach me to believe in that something I carry within me, and to dream of the possibilities it offers.”

I guess I’m still looking for that something in me.





Shop the Look: (Included are some of my Murakami favs)

The Red Beret

Rose Tee

Norwegian Wood- Murakami

1Q84- Murakami

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Wind/Pinball- Murakami

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