The Relatable Author


Hi, I’m Maddie Kelley 😇🎀! I like to think of myself as the Elle Woods of the office✨💅🏻. At my previous job with Disney, I experienced the joy of making magic 🪄. I carry that mentality with me everywhere I go, including my current position as a project manager building attractions in China 🎆🎡. Making things that move people is at the heart of everything that I do, especially in my latest work as a published author 📚🖊. 


.Writing is more than just a hobby for me. It’s who I am; an introvert who bares her heart on the page💌🤍. My greatest hope is that by sharing my experiences with all of you, you will feel a little less alone when the going gets tough 🤗🧸. I invite you to hop on this journey of life with me. I’m all about good food, good wine, cool places and good books🍝✈️. Let’s be friends, follow me on Insta and YouTube so we can hang out! 


Check out my books for more info. Also, please feel free to ask me about my cat 🐈💕. 


For booking or partnership inquiries please download my media kit and author page.

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