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Will technology be the death of theme parks?


In 2016, a record-high of 148 million people visited the
top 20 theme parks. Younger generations, contrary to
popular belief, are looking for off-screen experiences. The
answer is no–technology will not be the theme park’s
death, but rather it’s revival. In her book Tomorrowland,
first-time author Madison Kelley spotlights the latest
immersive technologies that will change theme parks for
the better. In particular, you will learn


  • why virtual reality failed in Dubai but succeeded in Shanghai
  • how waiting in lines will be eliminated once and for all, and
  • why, even in the era of technology, technology is not the most important thing.


This book is for you: the person who loves theme parks.
Theme park worker, attraction designer, admirer or
fanatic. Madison Kelley invites you to jump on the ride.

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