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What I Gave You

“There’s always good in the bad. I will always be testing you, pushing you past your self-imposed limits but,
above all, I will always be here to support you…Forever yours, The Universe.”

Whether you realize it or not, the universe lays out your perfect plan, the steps you take towards the dreams
that are bigger and better for you. Author Madison Kelley realized this truth as she embarked on a journey
marked with independence, mystery, love, heartbreak, and clarity. At twenty-five, she has a breadth of
lessons to share. In her debut poetry collection, What I Gave You, Kelley uses poetry to follow the ups,
downs, and in-betweens of growing up.

Brimming with heartfelt detail, vivid memories, and clever lyricism, What I Gave You takes readers on a
bumpy ride through the twenty-somethings — first loves, first tastes of freedom, first heartbreaks, and first
understandings of your life’s purpose. Kelley makes an example of her own experience. From ending long
distance relationships to moving to Macau for a new job to finding her purpose as a writer, she assures you
that there are twists and turns on this journey, and that’s okay.

Most importantly, What I Gave You promises that you’ll be okay.


Early Praise for What I Gave You:

“This collection is so fresh and relatable… I haven’t been this engrossed in a poetry book since Rupi Kaur’s collection!”

— Erin, Bookstagrammer @readmorereviews

“The author is giving away her life lessons with wit, characters, scenic settings, and symphonic flow of chapters. You can imagine and understand her world immediately—this book is pure escapism.”

— Kiara Murase, Amazon Reader

“Madison Kelley may be only 25 years old, but her introspective poetry was extremely relatable to this middle-aged reader. The universal battles between heart and mind, self-doubt, love, fear, faith, and hope are feelings that all humans deal with. She shows us that our life is an evolution of experiences that all have a purpose. Madison Kelley is a gifted writer.”

— Lisa Kay, Amazon Reader

“What I Gave You is a beautiful piece of work.”

— Heather Corbally Bryant, Author of Orchard Days

“I very much devoured this book in one sitting. The author touches on the themes of loss, heartbreak, self-love, female empowerment, freedom, and figuring life out in your twenties. I found myself really relating to the pain and emotions that she described.”

— Gab, Bookstagrammer @paperbacksanddaisies

“Madison Kelley writes to those who have ever had a broken heart and turned that pain into power. Her words are gentle, painful and promising all-in-one. If you enjoy the purples and pinks of sunsets, candlelit nights alone with a good book, and have ever felt the ache of a broken heart, then you must read what she has in store.”

— Sam McDonald, Bookstagrammer @floralsandsuede


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